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Spacing options to help match any budget

Trimlight Basic

  • A traditional, sleek look

  • Elegant and timeless

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Trimlight Premium

  • Extra lights for increased visibility

  • Customer favorite

Trimlight Plus

  • Brightest option

  • Fastest transitions

Trimlight has been fantastic. This has been a true turnkey solution for us. Trimlight even documented and submitted our plan to our HOA for approval. The installation was very clean which appeals to my OCD. Finally, the lights.. the lights are awesome! We went with the 6" spacing and we couldn't be happier.


DFW Trimlight gets a five star for listening to their buyer and giving them what they asked...I am really amped by what this light system can do. Using the app couldn't be easier. I am a five-star believer in the system. As the old saying goes - a picture is worth a thousand words. This time, using the system tops any words I might say.

Kevin Wright

Our installers arrived exactly when they said they would, explained what they were doing, were courteous and took the time to answer several questions I had as they were completing their work. Additionally, they did a very neat job in installing our lights and thoroughly cleaned up the area before they left.

Jimmy Brown

Trimlight DFW is the most amazing system/idea ever!! Being able to leave your lights up year around without seeing them unless they are turned on is absolutely genius and HOA approved. Not to mention, their customer service and installation is top notch. I would highly recommend Trimlight DFW any day of the week.

Veronica Wright


What sets Trimlight apart from its competitors?

Hassle-free home lighting

  • Manufacturer’s Product Warranty

    Trimlight offers the longest limited-lifetime warranty on the product, equivalent to a 50,000 hour lifespan. You can rest assured your system is covered through the entirety of your time in the home. If you were to run your lights for four hours every night, your system should still be running after 30+ years!

  • One Time Installation

    The system is installed once on the exterior of your home, behind the gutters and trim. Lights and wires are installed in our patented channel, color-matched to go with your existing trim color. This makes it practically invisible during the day, allowing it to be up 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Energy-Efficient LEDs

    We use the highest grade LED’s on the market which use just .6 watts of energy per bulb. You would have to run your Trimlight system for nearly 8 hours before your energy company bills you for a whopping nickel!

Trimlight being installed on a home

Light control at your fingertips

  • Choose Any Color

    With millions of different color options and the ability to customize your own, the combinations are endless. This of course includes that warm white, along with the ability to adjust the brightness!

  • Schedules, Timers, Transitions, and Effects

    180 preset programs, dozens of transitions, integrated timers and a built-in calendar gives users the flexibility to change the lights up as often or rarely as they’d like.

  • Complete Customization

    Through our wifi-enabled, user-friendly Trimlight app, homeowners gain access to virtually unlimited options. This gives you the control and versatility to set the lights for every major holiday, sporting event, or special occasion throughout the year.

Trimlight Mobile App