Trimlight vs Jellyfish Lighting

Find out the Difference Between Trimlight and Jellyfish Lighting

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How Does Trimlight Compare with Jellyfish Lighting

Why Trimlight is Better

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    Trimlight is the original market product and the only one to offer a Lifetime Warranty on their product. Jellyfish only offers a two year warranty on their product.

  • Visible Bulbs

    Trimlight uses a traditional bulb-shaped light which is visible from all angels. Jellyfish uses a flat circular light, although slightly larger is only visible from certain angles.

  • Energy Saving

    Trimlight operates using a 12 Volt system in comparison to Jellyfish which operates using a 48 volt system.

  • Bulb Lifetime

    Trimlight LED bulbs are of the highest quality and are rated for 50,000 hours. Jellyfish LED bulbs are rated for less than half the lifespan at 22,000 hours.

  • Installation Method

    Trimlight offers professional installation with no visible wires and screws. Jellyfish installation have visible defects, such as visible screw heads.

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    Trimlight's app is very intuiative and provides simple processes like drag and dropping and using slider scales to program your lights, rather than more of a software based app like Jellyfish that takes significant more time to learn and program.


More Features to Consider

  • Service Warranty

    Trimlight offers 2 Years of free service, with a $50 service fee after 2 Years. Jellyfish service warranty is only for 1 year and charges a $150 service fee after the first year.

  • Easy Mobile App

    The Trimlight mobile app is easy to operate with drag and drop features and sliders, whereas the Jellyfish mobile app requires more time and training to navigate and program effectively.

  • Experience

    Trimlight is the original market inovator and has over a decade of experience in serving customers since 2010, whereas Jellyfish created a similar product and has been operating since 2016.


Trimlight has been fantastic. This has been a true turnkey solution for us. Trimlight even documented and submitted our plan to our HOA for approval. The installation was very clean which appeals to my OCD. Finally, the lights.. the lights are awesome! We went with the 6" spacing and we couldn't be happier.


DFW Trimlight gets a five star for listening to their buyer and giving them what they asked...I am really amped by what this light system can do. Using the app couldn't be easier. I am a five-star believer in the system. As the old saying goes - a picture is worth a thousand words. This time, using the system tops any words I might say.

Kevin Wright

Our installers arrived exactly when they said they would, explained what they were doing, were courteous and took the time to answer several questions I had as they were completing their work. Additionally, they did a very neat job in installing our lights and thoroughly cleaned up the area before they left.

Jimmy Brown

Trimlight DFW is the most amazing system/idea ever!! Being able to leave your lights up year around without seeing them unless they are turned on is absolutely genius and HOA approved. Not to mention, their customer service and installation is top notch. I would highly recommend Trimlight DFW any day of the week.

Veronica Wright

What does Trimlight look like
during the day?

We are so glad you asked. From the street, it is barely noticeable! We color match your trim, so the aluminum channel blends in perfectly with your home.

day time image of trimlight

Spacing options to help match any budget

Trimlight Basic

  • A traditional, sleek look

  • Elegant and timeless

Most popular

Trimlight Premium

  • Extra lights for increased visibility

  • Customer favorite

Trimlight Plus

  • Brightest option

  • Fastest transitions

Frequently asked questions


How is Trimlight installed?

Our patented channel allows us to install our lights on any roofline or structure. We use recycled aluminum to prevent from rust or corrosion and is enamel-baked to prevent from fading and chipping over time. This channel is color-matched to any existing trim color and is installed on the underside of the eave, behind the gutters and trim. This allows it to be practically invisible during the day and unnoticeable to those passing by!

Do I have to pay to use the lights every year?

Not at all. Trimlight is a permanent LED lighting solution that is installed once and provides lighting for a lifetime.

Is this approved by my HOA?

If customers reside within an HOA, we’ve worked with hundreds of HOA’s and have a dedicated HOA representative who can submit and take care of the application. Trimlight is approved by nearly every HOA due to its sleek, professional design and installation. For approval for your specific HOA, please email with the name of your HOA and we will contact you regarding the next steps!

How long will the Trimlight bulbs last?

We use the highest quality LED bulbs that are rated for 50,000 hours and provide a Lifetime Warranty.