a home with trimlight down lighting installed


a little history

the trimlight select logo. a house with colored trim.

Trimlight Select began in 2010 as an alternative and premium solution to the hassle and expense of hanging Christmas lights year after year. In January 2020, the company expanded into Texas with Trimlight DFW serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

a photo of the trimlight ceo

Trimlight DFW is owned and operated by Justin Parr, who grew up in Grand Prairie, TX. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance with an emphasis in real estate. He has lived in Utah, Montana, and Seattle but to him, nothing compares to the Lone Star State. He is excited for the growth and development happening throughout DFW and is anxious to contribute to the beautiful area with his professional lighting solutions.

the screenshot of the trimlight app

The company’s primary offering is a smartphone-enabled, permanent LED lighting system. The patented channel system that hides the wires from view is what truly makes this innovative product stand out from the rest. The proprietary, user-friendly mobile application gives users the ability to customize lighting from the comfort of their home. Each Trimlight system comes with a lifetime warranty for the original owner so customers can rest assured the lights are worth the investment.

a house with trimlight downlighting installed

Trimlight DFW also offers lighting solutions such as down lighting, ridge lighting and other security lighting features, as well as traditional Christmas lights.